About Global Conscious Movement...

Global Conscious Movement International Consultancy ® is committed to creating a network to bring both professionals & leaders together to discuss & work collaboratively to assist in the creation of the world’s most ethical & compassionate systems, institutions & companies.

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Our Promise

We are committed to ensuring that every individual and organisation is afforded the opportunity to contribute to society to create a positive impact on the user, the economy and the environment.

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Coming Soon...

G.C.M will be hosting a range of events which will include conferences, seminars, lectures, community events, award ceremonies and global summits. Speakers will be invited from both public and private sectors to engage and inform the debate about compassion and ethics in society.

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What Needs to Change?

What needs to change for  a compassionate and ethical world? Watch our video to find out what people told us they hope for in an ethical and compassionate future and  gain an idea of  what the consultancy will be working towards .

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Join the Movement

If you would like to become an affiliated G.C.M consultant, volunteer your skills and services, nominate an organisation known for its ethical and compassionate values or become a partnered organisation please contact us for more information.

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